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Buy 80% Grass & 20% Wildflower Seed Mixtures from Grass Seed Online:

80:20 Wildflower mixtures contain 80% grass seed and 20% UK native wildflower seed and are designed to replicate a natural meadow. Although 20% wildflower seed does not sound like much seed, it is in fact quite a lot! the 20% represents the weight of seed, but the actual proportion by seed number is much closer to 50%. These mixtures are to be used when sowing into bare soil, if you are wanting to try to add some wildflowers into an area of existing grass, then a mixture  of 100% wildflower seed should be used instead.

Our range of 80:20 wildflower seed mixtures includes mixtures for specific soil types and situations such as clay soils, chalk soils and areas that are in shade. It also includes mixtures designed for specific purposes such as ones which contain tall wildflowers, short wildflowers and the ones which are specially formulated to attract butterflies and bees.

Wildflowers are perfect for pollinating insects! The Royal Horticultural Society is working to encourage pollinating plants to help reverse the decline in pollinating insects. The RHS produces a list of wildflowers which are ideal plants for pollinators – click on the link or the logo to learn more.

If you need some more information on grass seed, our Wildflower Establishment & Maintenance Guide is here to help.  You will find all the details on our delivery service and our easy-to-use grass seed calculator which works out how much seed you need.