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Can I Buy Kentucky Bluegrass Seed In The UK?

Introduction: We often get asked by customers if they can buy Kentucky Bluegrass seed here in the UK. Here we explore what it is and answer the questions you may

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When to Sow Grass Seed?

When to sow grass seed? Introduction: You want to establish a lawn from seed, you have bought your grass seed and you are ready to sow. But, when is the

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Annual Ryegrass – Grass Seed For Sowing In The Winter

Understanding Annual Ryegrass: A Solution to Challenging Conditions In simple terms, annual ryegrass offers a solution to a common problem in grass seeding. When the weather is too cold for

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When To Plant Grass Seed In The UK?

When to plant grass seed in the UK? Introduction When to plant lawn seed in the UK is one of the most common questions we get from customers. Establishing a

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Will Frost Kill Grass Seed?

Will Frost Kill Grass Seed? As winter sets in and the days grow shorter, the first widespread frosts of the season have made their appearance. But what happens if you’ve

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When is it safe to mow new grass that has grown from seed?

When is it safe to mow new grass that has grown from seed? If you have seeded a new lawn and seen it start to grow, you may be wondering

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What Is The Most Drought Tolerant Grass?

Tall Fescue – The most drought tolerant grass In an era where water scarcity is increasingly prevalent, we often get asked what is the most drought tolerant grass? Among the

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When is it too late to plant grass seed?

When is it too late to plant grass seed? Planting grass seed at the optimum time of year can produce amazing lawns. However, you may ask if there is a

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Best Grass for Links Greens

 Introduction: The Royal Liverpool Golf Club, fondly known as Hoylake, is steeped in history and renowned as one of the UK’s premier links courses. As the chosen venue for the

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What is the Softest Lawn Grass?

What is the Softest Lawn Grass? When the sun is out and the weather is warm, there’s nothing quite like the feel of soft grass beneath your feet. No one

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