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Whether you are a professional greenkeeper who looks after the fairways and greens of a golf course or simply looking for grass seed for your own lawn tennis court, Grass Seed Online will have a suitable product. Our multi-purpose grass seeds are often ideal for lawn repairs and improvements where sections of grass have become worn down from play. Equally, our fast-growing grass seed will suit repair jobs that need to be undertaken rapidly on cricket, rugby or football pitches during the off-season.

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Showing all 5 results

We are confident that within our range, you’ll discover the perfect sports pitch grass seed, tailored to create a high-quality, resilient playing field.

Our sports pitch grass seed varieties are specifically developed for those who need a robust and durable turf for athletic use. These seeds cultivate a tough turf that can withstand intense sports activities, requiring less maintenance – ideal for schools, sports clubs, and recreational areas. Each blend is meticulously formulated to ensure a turf that’s not only hard-wearing but also provides a smooth, consistent playing surface.

Opting for our seeds means choosing a sports field that is as functional as it is visually appealing, with reduced maintenance demands. Our selection offers the versatility to suit various sports, ensuring your field remains in prime condition for every game. Plus, with our efficient delivery options, you can begin your sports field project promptly.

For any inquiries or additional advice, our team of experts is here to help. Thank you for selecting our Sports Pitch Grass Seed, the key to a top-performing and enduring sports field throughout the year.


Q. What’s the best way to ensure a healthy growth rate for my sports field?

A. To maintain a healthy sports field, start with selecting the right grass seed. Regular mowing at the correct height is vital to keep the turf in top condition, and moderating the use of high-nitrogen fertilisers helps control growth rates. Adequate, but not excessive, watering is essential to avoid problems such as waterlogging.

Q. Why is sports pitch grass seed ideal for athletic fields?

A. This type of grass seed is specially developed for athletic fields, providing a durable turf capable of enduring heavy usage and sports activities. Its resilience, combined with an appealing look, makes it ideal for fields where playability and aesthetics are equally important.

Q. Can I mix sports pitch grass seed with other grass types?

A. Certainly, you can blend sports pitch grass seed with other varieties to create a versatile turf. Such a mix can improve the overall quality of your field, bringing together the necessary toughness for sports activity and other qualities like disease resistance.

Q. What ground preparation is needed before planting?

A. Effective groundwork for a sports field involves clearing debris, loosening the soil for root growth, and adding the right nutrients. This preparation fosters an environment conducive to growing a strong and healthy turf.

Q. What are the watering needs for a sports field?

A. Initially, consistent watering is critical for seed germination. Once established, the watering regime should be adjusted according to weather and soil conditions to maintain a healthy field without the risk of overwatering.

Q. How adaptable is sports field grass seed to different environments?

A. Generally, sports field grass seed is quite adaptable to various conditions. However, for the best results, choose a seed variety that aligns well with your local climate and soil.

Q. What’s the optimal time to sow?

The ideal sowing times are:

  • Spring (Late March to May): This is a favourable time for sowing, thanks to the warmer soil and regular rainfall aiding germination and growth. Sow after the risk of frost is over and the soil temperature is above 8-10°C (46-50°F).
  • Autumn (Late August to September): The retained warmth from summer and adequate rainfall make this a suitable period for sowing. It’s important to sow early enough for establishment before winter.