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Discover our expertly selected range of drought-resistant grass seed, designed for gardens that face the challenge of water scarcity.

We cater to the needs of lawns that endure the harsh conditions of drought, where maintaining a vibrant and healthy green space can be particularly difficult. Our collection includes a variety of grass seed blends that are specifically bred to thrive in water-scarce environments, ensuring your lawn can remain lush and green despite the lack of rainfall.

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Showing all 4 results

We hope you’ve found the perfect drought-resistant grass seed for your garden’s needs.

Remember, with the right selection and care, your lawn can remain lush and green even through periods of water scarcity. Our specially formulated products are designed to prosper in drought conditions, ensuring your garden stays vibrant and thriving, regardless of the weather. Should you have any questions or need further guidance, our experienced team is here to help. Thank you for choosing our Drought-Resistant Grass Seed, making your garden resilient and beautiful all year round.


What makes grass seed drought-resistant?

Drought-resistant grass seeds are bred to have deep root systems and a natural tolerance to low water conditions. These characteristics enable the grass to access moisture from deeper within the soil and retain greenness and vitality during dry spells.

How often should I water my lawn after planting drought-resistant grass seed?

Initially, water your new seeds lightly but frequently to ensure germination. Once established, drought-resistant lawns require less water than typical grasses. Water deeply but infrequently to encourage strong root growth, aiming for once a week, depending on weather conditions.

Can drought-resistant grass seed be mixed with regular grass seed?

Yes, mixing drought-resistant grass seed with regular seed can create a lawn that’s both lush and more tolerant of dry conditions. This approach can offer the best of both worlds, with varied textures and increased resilience.

When is the best time to sow drought-resistant grass seed?

The optimal sowing times are early spring and autumn. These seasons provide the moderate temperatures and moisture levels conducive to seed germination and establishment before the stress of summer heat or winter cold.

Will drought-resistant grass stay green all year?

While drought-resistant grass is bred to withstand dry conditions, its ability to stay green throughout the year also depends on your climate and the specific care you provide. In extremely arid regions, some browning during the peak of summer may be inevitable, but proper care will ensure recovery.

Are there specific fertilisers recommended for drought-resistant lawns?

Using a slow-release, low-nitrogen fertiliser in the spring can support healthy growth without overstimulating your lawn, which is particularly important in drought-prone areas to avoid stressing the grass.

How do I prepare my soil for planting drought-resistant grass seed?

Prepare your soil by removing weeds and debris, then loosen it to a depth of a few inches. Adding organic matter can improve soil structure and water retention, providing a better foundation for your drought-resistant grass.

Is mowing different for drought-resistant grass?

Yes, it’s advisable to mow at a slightly higher setting than for regular grass. Keeping the grass a bit longer helps shade the soil, reducing moisture loss and promoting deeper root growth.

How does drought-resistant grass handle foot traffic?

Many drought-resistant grass varieties are also bred for durability and can handle moderate to high foot traffic, making them suitable for family gardens and pet owners.

Can drought-resistant grass recover from a severe drought?

Drought-resistant grasses have a remarkable ability to go dormant and recover once adequate moisture levels return. While they may brown during prolonged dry periods, they often bounce back with the return of regular watering or rainfall.

By choosing drought-resistant grass seed for your garden, you’re making a sustainable choice that ensures a resilient and beautiful lawn, capable of thriving even under challenging conditions.