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We specialise in providing top-tier grass seed blends ideal for revitalising and enhancing existing lawns. Our overseeding range is crafted to seamlessly integrate with your current lawn, boosting its density and overall health.

Our overseeding grass seeds are selected for their compatibility with a wide array of lawn types, ensuring they adapt and thrive in various garden settings. These seeds are perfect for filling in sparse areas, improving the lushness of your lawn, and introducing more resilient grass varieties. They are especially useful for lawns that have experienced wear or thinning over time.

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Showing all 2 results

By choosing our overseeding grass seed, you’re making a decision that will significantly enhance and rejuvenate your existing lawn. If you’re wondering how to best implement these seeds or have other queries regarding lawn improvement, the FAQs below are here to assist. They encompass a range of topics, from the basics of overseeding to the finer points of lawn care, ensuring your lawn remains vibrant and lush.


Q. How do I rejuvenate a thin or patchy lawn?

A. Start by raking the area to remove dead grass, which also loosens the top layer of soil. Select a high-quality seed for overseeding that matches your lawn’s needs. Ensure direct contact between the soil and the seeds. Regular watering is crucial, especially under dry conditions, to facilitate grass seed germination. You should notice improvements within a few weeks.

Q. What should I consider when selecting an overseeding mix?

A. When choosing a mix, consider the grass types in your existing lawn and factors like sunlight exposure, soil type, and how you use your lawn. A diverse grass seed mixture, including drought-tolerant species, is ideal for creating a robust and resilient turf.

Q. How do I maintain my lawn after overseeding?

A. Caring for your lawn post-overseeding involves regular mowing at an appropriate height and light fertilisation to encourage a lush, green lawn without promoting excessive growth. Consistent watering, adjusted for weather conditions, is essential for the new seeds to establish.

Q. Can overseeding repair lawns damaged by wear or environmental factors?

A. Definitely, overseeding can effectively fill in bare patches and enhance the overall health and density of your lawn. Preparing the entire lawn before overseeding and choosing the right type of seed are crucial for success, particularly in challenging weather conditions.

Q. What is the ideal sowing rate for overseeding a family lawn?

A. The ideal sowing rate for overseeding a family lawn varies depending on the type of seed and the condition of your lawn. Generally, a rate of 20-35 grams per square metre is recommended. For best results, check the specific guidelines for the seed mix you’re using.

Q. How does overseeding help in creating a drought-tolerant lawn?

A. Overseeding with drought-tolerant grass types can enhance your lawn’s resilience to dry conditions. These grasses require less water and can maintain a healthy appearance even during periods of limited rainfall.

Q. Is overseeding suitable for all types of lawns?

A. Overseeding is beneficial for a wide range of lawn types, from ornamental gardens to hard-wearing family lawns. The key is to choose the right seed mix that complements the existing grass and meets the specific needs of your lawn.

By selecting from our extensive range of overseeding options, you’re ensuring a healthier, thicker, and more vibrant lawn. Our team at Grass Seed Online is here to help you select the ideal overseeding mix to meet the unique conditions of your lawn. Thank you for choosing Grass Seed Online for your lawn care and beautification needs.