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Discover our shade tolerant grass seed.

We cater to gardens that thrive under a canopy and excel in dark corners with a lack of sunlight. Shaded lawns face unique challenges, often struggling to grow lush and green due to limited sunlight. Our collection features an excellent grass seed range specially formulated to prosper in lower light conditions.

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We hope you found the perfect grass seed for your shaded areas.

Remember, even in areas with heavy shade, your lawn can still be vibrant and healthy with the right care and our quality seed. Our products are expertly designed to adapt to lower light conditions, ensuring your shaded lawn areas remain lush and green, even in poor conditions. Plus, with our commitment to quick delivery, you can enjoy the benefits sooner.

If you have any questions or need further guidance, our expert team is here to help. Thank you for choosing our Grass Seed for Shady Areas to create a beautiful and resilient garden all year round, regardless of the level of sunlight.


Q. What makes grass seed suitable for shady areas?

A. Our shady area grass seed mixture is specifically formulated to thrive with less sunlight. These varieties usually have a higher tolerance for lower light conditions and can maintain the health and appearance of lush grass even in shaded parts of a garden.

Q. Will it grow in full sun?

A. While these specialist lawn seed varieties are optimised for shade, many are versatile enough to grow in both shaded and sunny areas. However, for best results, it’s recommended to choose a grass seed blend that matches your garden’s specific light conditions.

Q. How do I prepare my lawn for seeding in shaded areas?

A. Preparation involves clearing the area of debris and weeds, ensuring the soil is loose and aerated, and applying a starter fertiliser if necessary. It’s important to ensure good soil contact for the premium shade seed, promoting optimal germination and growth.

Q. How often should I water this grass?

A. Shaded areas typically require less watering than sunny spots as they retain moisture longer. It’s important to keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged during the germination period.

Q. Can I mix shade-tolerant grass seed with other types of seed?

A. Yes, you can mix tolerant lawn seed mixtures designed for shade with other types if your lawn has a mix of sun and shade. This approach ensures a uniformly healthy lawn across different light conditions. Explore our range of lawn seed options to find the perfect blend for your garden’s unique requirements.

Q. How long does it take to germinate?

A. Germination times can vary depending on the seed type and environmental conditions, but typically, you should see sprouting within 7-21 days.

Q. Do I need to mow differently?

A. Grass in shaded areas should generally be cut slightly higher than grass in full sun. This allows more leaf area to absorb the limited sunlight.

Q. What maintenance is required for a lawn grown from shade-tolerant grass seed?

A. Regular mowing, occasional watering, and annual feeding with a suitable fertiliser will help maintain the health and appearance of your shaded lawn, even in moist soil, sandy soil, or other difficult conditions.

Q. Is this grass seed resistant to foot traffic?

A. While some shade-tolerant seeds are also hard-wearing, it’s important to choose a blend that suits your specific needs if your lawn experiences high foot traffic.

Q. When is the best time to plant grass seed for shady areas?

A. Early autumn or spring are typically the best times to sow grass seed in shady areas, as the temperatures are more moderate and consistent moisture levels help with germination.