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When is it safe to mow new grass that has grown from seed?

If you have seeded a new lawn and seen it start to grow, you may be wondering when is the best time to mow it. Mow it too late and you may find it a difficult task, while if you mow it too soon you risk stunting its growth. There are however some helpful signs to check for that will indicate when to mow new grass so it remains healthy and easy to maintain in the future. Here is our guide on when to mow new grass for the health and safety of your lawn.

Mowing your grass for the first time

The best times of the year to begin growing and cutting your new grass are in the spring and summer months. Wait until your grass is between 5-8 cm in height as this is a healthy lawn height and allows it to generate shoots that thicken the grass area. Before cutting your grass, make sure your mower blades are sharp as blunt blades can damage your lawn and make it vulnerable to diseases. For your first mow, make sure to only cut 20% or less of the grass. This will leave most of the leaves intact, which is necessary for growth as it is the part that turns sunlight into nutrients for the plant. Once you have completed your first mow, clear away any clippings to keep your grass healthy. Once done, let it settle for a week or two before cutting again. After this period, try to mow your lawn at least once a week, keeping the length at a minimum height of around 3 cm.

What to consider when mowing new grass

Here are some points to consider whenever you mow new grass:

  • Wait until the grass is between 5-8 cm before cutting.
  • Make sure the blades of your mower are sharp before mowing.
  • Do not mow in very hot weather, or when the grass is saturated or frozen.
  • Only take off up to 20% of the grass’s total height to keep your grass healthy.
  • Once complete, clean your mower to avoid any contamination from occurring.
  • Remove all cuttings from the lawn and add them to your compost heap.
  • Let the grass settle for at least a week after the initial cut before mowing again.
  • Once the grass is settled, mow once a week, making sure to only cut to a minimum height of 3 cm each time.
  • To avoid grass growing in only one direction, change the direction you mow with every new cut.

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