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Spring & Summer Green-Up Lawn Fertiliser



Spring and Summer Lawn Fertiliser is a blend of essential nutrients that provides a boost to you grass during the spring and summer. The three key nutrients found in fertiliser are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Nitrogen promotes leaf growth and green colour, phosphorus aids in root development, and potassium enhances overall plant health and disease resistance. Spring and Summer Fertiliser contains a higher level of Nitrogen to provide a fast boost in growth and colour.

  • Provides a boost to grass growth and colour
  • Apply during the spring and summer period, avoiding periods of stress (e.g. drought or extreme heat)
  • Apply when rainfall is imminent or water in within 24 hours after application
  • Requires application with a fertiliser spreader to ensure even coverage
  • Caution – this product may stain hard surfaces. Click here for more advice on how to apply fertiliser
  • NPK ANALYSIS: 12.3.9 containing MgO with Iron (Fe)
  • Bag Size = 10kg, covers 200-285m2 at 35-50g per m2
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Give your lawn a springtime boost with our Spring and Summer Lawn Fertiliser. After the long, cold, dark winter months your lawn may be looking weak. Applying fertiliser will provide a boost in the essential elements required for plant growth. Our Spring and Summer Lawn Fertiliser will give a boost of growth and will encourage a strong root system.

Grass Seed Calculator

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When can it be applied?

Fertiliser should be applied when the grass plants are actively growing. If it is applied when the plants are not actively growing it will not be taken up by the plant and will leech away into the soil. It is important to also avoid times when the grass plants may be under high stress or have entered dormancy, i.e. during periods of drought as this can cause damage to plant.

What is the application rate?

35-50g per m2

Should I water it in?

Yes, fertiliser should be watered in immediately after application or alternatively applied at a time when rainfall is imminent. This will allow the granules to begin to dissolve and remove any dust or particles that are still in contact with the plant leaf, reducing the likelihood of it scorching. Failure to water in fertiliser can result in grass being scorched and dying.

Should I keep children and pets off?

Yes, until the fertiliser has been thoroughly watered or washed in and the granules are no longer visible.

Can I spread it by hand or should I use a spreader?

No, we recommend that you do not apply fertiliser by hand and instead use a fertiliser spreader. A fertiliser spreader will ensure an even application, whereas applying by hand can lead to overapplications which could scorch and kill existing grass.

Are there any precautions I should take?

Fertilisers can stain stone/concrete surfaces and cause metals to rust. Please ensure that any such areas are brushed clean and washed off if fertiliser has come into contact with them.

If the ground is damp, fertiliser can stick to footwear and spreader wheels and be transferred to other areas. Please be aware of this and wash of as required to prevent transferring to other surfaces i.e. patios and causing staining.

Fertiliser can irritate and cause damage to skin and eyes. It is recommended to wear protective gloves and suitable eye/face protection. Hands should be washed thoroughly after handling. If on skin wash with plenty of water. If on eyes rinse with water for several minutes, remove contact lenses if present and able to do. If in eyes or if skin irritation occurs, seek medical advice from a doctor. Contains nickel sulphate which may produce an alergic reaction.

Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst using this product. Do not exceed the application rate. Overapplying or uneven applications of fertiliser can kill grass.

Contains: superphosphates, 8011-76-5

How should I store it?

Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated area. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Keep out of the reach of children.

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